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Maple Syrup News


Recent changes in the labeling requirements means that our maple syrup labels are changing. Don't worry, what is in the bottles is the same lovely pure Ontario syrup that you know and love.

Our #1 Medium is now Organic Amber
Our #2 Amber is now Organic Dark
Our #3 Dark is now Very Dark

We have no doubt that this will cause a little bit of confusion, and hope that the transition is as smooth as our syrup is sweet.

The tapping of maple signals the start to a new harvest season, as the trees warm up in the day and the sap starts to flow, we begin to see the first signs of spring. When the maple begins to bud, we will begin to tap birch for birch syrup and shortly after that we will start to see the first leeks poking out of the forest floor followed by coltsfoot, fiddleheads and morels and then all of a sudden spring is in full force. 


Mayapple - Mandrake, Ground lemon (Podophyllum peltatum) Young shoot emerging from the ground with leaves tightly furled around the stalk - Photo by Dyson Forbes.  About ten years ago we planted five small Mayapple rhizomes on our property 2 hours north of Toronto. Now we have about 44 plants and counting. Every year we get closer to being able [...]

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Foraged events with Mad Maple

Foraged events with Mad Maple For the past several years we have been privileged to have the opportunity to do a number of events with our friends at Mad Maple Inn. The events range from showing chefs visiting for Terroir around the woods talking about what can be harvested to field trips with number of final year culinary [...]

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Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius and Cantharellus fomosus) Golden Chanterelles are one of the most popular and prolific wild mushrooms, growing all across Europe (cibarius) and North America (fomosus). While there is over 40 different varieties across North America, they are very easy to identify and easy to cook, they can act as a gateway to foraging other [...]

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Beginner's guide to foraging

Learning to identify wild foods  If you can tell the difference between cabbage and lettuce, you will be able to identify plants and mushrooms in the wild. Foraging can be as simple as picking mulberries in the lane way out back or going for a stroll off the beaten path to locate a patch of Jerusalem artichokes. The more people use wild [...]

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Wild leeks

Wild Leeks - Ramps - Allium tricoccum Wild Leeks are one of the first plants to come up in the spring, often found in maple and mixed wood forests they are widely considered a delicacy. Their amazing flavour and popularity comes at a great cost, over harvesting is a serious problem and over the years they have [...]

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Black Locust flowers

Black locust - Robinia pseudoacacia - In mid spring, the intoxicating odor of flowering Black locusts adorn the streets and wilderness in blankets of sweet honey musk. A smell that can cause people to wander around staring skywards looking for the source that rains such loveliness on them. Black locust are wonderful trees, fast growing [...]

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Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic (Allium Canadense) Wild Garlic bulb sprouting - Photo by Dyson Forbes Wild garlic, or Allium Canadense, is a widespread North American garlic variety that comes packed with a real punch. It is smaller and a bit stronger in flavour than varieties you find at the supermarket. Many parts of the wild garlic plant can be used [...]

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Hen of the woods

Hen of the Woods is a popular “medicinal” mushroom that has a lovely flavour when picked young. You'll find it growing on the ground at the base of hardwoods such as oak and maple and will grow in the same place year after year.  A medium age specimen, large and plump - Photo by Dyson ForbesIdentifying Griola is easy as it [...]

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Paw Paw

Introducing the amazing Paw paw, Indian Banana -  Asimina triloba, Paw paw fruit seems like it should belong in the tropics (varieties grow all up and down the continent). The consistency is like that of a creamy custard and has a flavour reminiscent of banana, mango, pear, and papaya.  Truly remarkable unique and elusive, paw paw will be sure [...]

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    Foraged events with Mad Maple For the past several years we have …