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Hen of the woods mushrooms, the dancing mushroom

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Hen of the Woods is a popular “medicinal” mushroom that has a lovely flavour when picked young. You'll find it growing on the ground at the base of hardwoods such as oak and maple and will grow in the same place year after year. 

A medium age specimen, large and plump - Photo by Dyson Forbes

Identifying Griola is easy as it has a pretty unique structure, it grows in giant clumps of individual spoon-shaped caps that can vary in colour from pale brown to almost black, but most often they are a grayish brown.

Cross section of Grifola frondosa - Photo by Dyson Forbes

A single mushroom can grow as large as 60 lbs though most often they are in the 2-7lb range

Hens and Chickens together, you can see the dramatic difference in colour. - Photo by Dyson Forbes

Hen of the woods should be easy for anyone to cook with as its flavour is similar (but far better) to a Portobello but is much stronger and has more of a nutty-forest like essence to it, it gets the titles "King of the mushrooms" for a reason.This mushroom just tastes great. Similar looking mushrooms such as the Berkeley polypore are not known to be poisonous.

Like many mushrooms, Hen of the woods is highly praised for its medicinal qualities in stimulating the immune system, regulating blood sugar, and new research has found compounds in it are beneficial to people fighting Cancer. I should note that eating wild mushrooms will not cure cancer, eat this because you enjoy it as a food, not because you want it to cure you. 


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